VIPP Audit.

The aim of the Acceleration Program for the Exchange of Information for Patients and Professionals (VIPP) is to enable hospitals to realise a digitalisation move in the short term in order to make healthcare safer, more patient-oriented and more efficient. This means that hospitals can exchange information digitally with the patient in a standardised and safe way by 2020.

What is VIPP?

VIPP is an implementation program that helps hospitals and healthcare institutions to give the patient access to his medical data. VIPP connects with existing national standards when it comes to exchanging information between patients and care providers. The program makes it possible for healthcare institutions that participate in the program to accelerate the implementation of these standards over the next three years.

What does a VIPP audit deliver?

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has established a policy framework for the subsidization of VIPP in consultation with the Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ). VIPP consists of two parts with multiple modules. To qualify for a VIPP subsidy, it must be independently established that the relevant goals have been achieved per module. A hospital or healthcare institution can have an IT audit carried out by a Registered EDP-Auditor (RE).

The design of a VIPP audit

The test can be requested for one or more modules at once, as long as they fall within the timeline of the modules. The test determines at the end of the test period whether the conditions of the subsidy scheme have been met.

The test has to be conducted According to Guideline 3000 of NOREA. The object of investigation is the design and operational effectiveness of data processing with the help of the modules realised by the hospital. A control framework has been drawn up for carrying out the audit, in which the conditions for the subsidy have been elaborated.

Benefits of a VIPP audit by Qbit

  • Our registered IT auditors are familiar with the healthcare sector
  • We are known for our result-oriented approach
  • Qbit makes the audit more than an obligation

Contact about the VIPP audit

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Wilfred Hanekamp

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