Security Officer.

Become a security officer with Qbit’s one year retraining program.

Security Officer

The labor market is changing rapidly. For example, the demand for Security Officers is currently much larger than the supply. To close this gap, Qbit has developed a retraining program together with the IT Academy Noord Nederland. After one year of training you are a Security Officer.

Responsibilities Security Officer

As Security Officer you work on:

  • Developing a strategy to manage the security risks of the organisation.
  • Drafting policy to implement the strategy.
  • Promoting the security awareness of the employees.
  • Testing compliance with organisational and technical security guidelines.
  • The registration and handling of security incidents.

The importance of IT

The importance of IT within this responsibility is increasing. That is why a combination of communication skills with a technical and theoretical background is essential. This combination is central to the program. Participants acquire a wealth of new knowledge and skills and develop a critical attitude that helps them to align the information security policy with the needs of the organisation. We regularly reflect on current developments and pay extensive attention to reporting and presenting on the status of the level of information security to various stakeholders of the organisation.

What makes this education unique?

  • During the lessons and on-the-job you learn to apply new knowledge and skills in daily practice.
  • You learn how to implement and assess information security.
  • You develop communication skills and presentation techniques.
  • You become part of a relationship network.
  • You learn with and from fellow students from various organisations and backgrounds.
  • You gain insight into the developments in the international field of information security.
  • You gain theoretical knowledge to contribute to this.

Program duration and content

The course lasts 1 year in which you attend weekly lecture on Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (35 times). The study load is on average 4 hours per week, excluding the lectures. Topics are information security, governance, risk management, cybersecurity, auditing and security awareness. Each participant is accompanied and coached by an experienced Qbit Security Officer. The CISM exam training is also part of the training.

Direct registration is possible via the website of IT Academy Noord-Nederland.

More about Information Security Officer

Wim Mandemakers

Wim Mandemakers

Managing Director

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