Training Hardware hacking & reverse engineering.

Test and improve the security of your IoT device. In close cooperation with Grand Idea Studio, Qbit organises the training ‘hardware hacking and reverse engineering’.

Hacking & reverse engineering

According to Gartner, more than 8,4 billion smart devices were online at the end of 2017. Every day this number grows with several millions. All kinds of devices, such as lamps, jewelry, cars, thermostats and solar panels, are connected to the internet. This offers, in combination with, for example, artificial intelligence, endless possibilities. At the moment it often means that we use our smartphone as a remote control. The expectations are that the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) will improve production processes in the (near) future and that it will offer solutions for problems related to energy and the environment, crime, health care and education. There is also a disadvantage. All these devices are often not or badly secured.

“The question is not whether your device is hacked but when and how often. More and more organisations are pushing for better security for IoT devices.”

Training approach

The training covers the hardware hacking process, including product teardown, component identification, circuit board reverse engineering, soldering and desoldering, signal monitoring and analysis, and memory extraction. No prior hardware experience is required.

This course focuses on hardware hacking and reverse engineering techniques commonly used against hardware products. It combines theory and hands-on exercises. You will conclude with a hardware hacking challenge to defeat the security mechanism of a custom-designed circuit board.

Hacking & reverse engineering:

  • Understand the hardware hacking process and mindset.
  • Learn the skills needed to successfully analyze, reverse engineer, modify, and attack IoT devices.
  • Apply real world techniques to defeat the security of a custom circuit board.

More information

Wilfred Hanekamp

Wilfred Hanekamp

Director Sales

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