Training Ethical hacking.

The question is not whether you will be hacked, but when and how often. Make sure you beat evil hackers and use ethical hackers to protect the security of systems.

Ethical hacking

According to Wikipedia, an ethical hacker is a computer specialist who tests security systems and networks in a positive way. His goal is to track down flaws and vulnerabilities in the systems and networks, and then report them to the companies or organisations they work with.

“Ethical hackers want to help in the fight against cybercrime. They are the ‘good guys’ of the internet. We desperately need ethical hackers to ensure that our world becomes more secure.”


During this training you will crawl into the skin of a hacker. The training focuses on the background and basic knowledge in the area of cybersecurity. Topics that are treated are relevant cyber threats and common vulnerabilities in systems. You learn how to hack by doing it.

In this course you will mainly work as an ethical hacker yourself. No previous experience with hacking is required. You learn to understand how a hacker thinks, and experience firsthand how it works to break into a computer system. On the basis of a specially designed Qbit environment, you are taken into the hacking of an infrastructure and web application.

Benefits of the training Ethical hacker

  • Learn to think like an ethical hacker.
  • Gain insight into the most important cyber threats and most common vulnerabilities in systems.
  • Learn how hacking works on a computer system.

Qbit offers the following modules:

  • Workshop ‘hacking for dummies’ (half-day session)
  • Workshop ‘hands-on pen testing’ (one day)
  • ‘Secure programming’ course (two days)
  • ‘Secure development lifecycle’ course (three days)

Choose the training course or workshop that suits your organisation best, or ask for more information.

More about Ethical hacking

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