Shared Privacy Officer.

Get access to all the knowledge and experience that is available within Qbit through a single point of contact. Our privacy experts are available in a flexible manner, five days a week.

Shared Privacy Officer

Qbit fulfills the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO). The most important tasks of the DPO are: informing and (solicited and unsolicited) advising on the obligations arising from the GDPR, supervising compliance with the GDPR, the privacy policy by, among other things, conducting audits. Additionally, the DPO provides advice on Data Protection Impact Assessments and supervises the implementation thereof. The DPO acts as the (first) point of contact and sparring partner for the Data Protection Authority. Finally, the DPO handles reports about data leaks, questions and complaints from people inside and outside the organisation and keeps records of processing operations.

Hands-on specialists and experts (on site)

You can have one of our experts onsite for any number of hours. We put you in control. Every three months you can increase or decrease our effort.

Remote support

Qbit supports you remotely. On working days, between 8 am and 6 pm, you can contact our Security Centre.

Access to our knowledge base

You have access to all our knowledge and experience such as policies, guidelines, procedures and work instructions. And most importantly our Q&A.

Quarterly news

You receive an overview with relevant security and privacy news four times a year.

Security and privacy alerts

You receive security and privacy alerts when there are threats and / or vulnerabilities that require immediate action.

First aid in case of security incidents

We support you in solving and dealing with security incidents.

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Mathijs Hummel

Mathijs Hummel

Advisory & Assurance

Let me tell you more. Email me or call me on +31 6 12 985 740.

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