Security Monitor.

Computer networks no longer stand on their own. Everything is connected, via internet or internal networks. The more complex the systems, the more difficult their security. How do you prevent important and/or sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands? Qbit ensures continuous security of your network infrastructure and your IT and OT systems.

Security of internal systems

Qbit identifies, protects, responds and repairs vulnerabilities in, for example, network components, software, operating systems, applications and databases. Our security monitor continuously keeps you up-to-date on the security level of your organization. We continuesly scan your network infrastructure to help you identify threats and vulnerabilities, protect your assets, detect (potential) security breaches and respond to and recover from security incidents.

The security monitor from Qbit

With our security monitor we scan both your systems and websites that are accessible from the internet, as well as your internal systems and / or devices. At Qbit we use Tenable’s security monitor tools; the number one cyber exposure company in the world. Within the security monitor service we work with different modules:

  • Network security: our scanner accurately identifies all vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your network infrastructure.
  • Application security: our scanner checks your web applications for vulnerabilities. As soon as the scanner finds a threat, we will immediately receive an alert that we will inform you about and deal with, if desired.
  • Network monitoring: our scanner monitors all your internet traffic. It examines what you send via the network and via which application and identifies potential vulnerabilities.

As soon as we identify relevant threats, detect vulnerabilities with a high risk we immediately alert you. Our experts provide you with practical recommendation to mitigate the reported risk and take away the cause of the problem. Every quarter, or more often if desired, you receive a reliable and concise report in which we explain in understandable language what the status and security level of your network infrastructure is.

The advantages of a Qbit security monitor:

  • Tailor-made for your network infrastructure.
  • Includes a management console and network sensors.
  • We help determine which threats have priority and advice you on the required actions.
  • You will receive extensive and comprehensible reports to take the security of your IT infrastructure to a higher level.
  • You can contact our experts from Monday to Friday for advice or any questions that you have.

Would you like to know more about our security monitor service? Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to explain all the possibilities.

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