Qbit HQ.

First aid in case of a security breach, an attack by hackers, phishing and/or ransomware.

Value for money

Qbit developed and continuously improves managed security services to make sure you are in control of your cyber security. The basis of every subscription is that you:

  • have access to our knowledge base.
  • receive monthly news letters.
  • receive ad hoc security alerts.
  • get security awareness content twice a year.
  • can call for help in case of a security incident.

We call the basis of every subscription Qbit HQ. We add new content and features to the service continuously. This year, for instance, we will add our secure file exchange service called Dropzone.

Service description

Knowledge base

You get access to all our knowledge and experience. You can ask your single point of contact questions about cyber security and privacy or you can call our Security Centre using a dedicated phone number. You can also ask us for best practices like a security policy specific for your industry or an example processor agreement which complies to the GDPR.


You receive a monthly newsletter with an up-to-date overview of relevant security and privacy news. This concerns generic news, trends but also specific news for your industry.

Security alert

You receive ad hoc security alerts from us. We will send an alert in case of relevant security and/or privacy development or when, for example, there are vulnerabilities that require immediate action. An example was KRACK.

Security awareness

Twice a year we will provide content like a blog, animation, movie or flyer on relevant security and / or privacy issues. You can use these to improve security awareness within your organisation. Issues can be GDPR, strong passwords, incidents and so on.

Incident response

You can call us in case of a security incident like a data security breach, a computer hack, phishing, CEO-fraude, ransomware, Denial-of-Service attack and so on. We provide advice on how to handle the incident. We can, if necessary, perform additional route cause- and / or technical analyses of, for example, the network traffic of malicious software. The response to an incident depends on the situation. During the intake we will draft an action plan and give an estimate of required budget.

After each security incident, we present a report describing the security incident, the cause and effect, a chronological log of the work done (including any evidence), the result and recommendations.

Service Level

Every service Qbit offers has clear, measurable and flexible service levels.

  • You can contact our Security Centre during office hours (8:00 am - 6:00 pm) from Monday to Friday.
  • Security incidents or questions can be reported to your single point of contact, via a dedicated telephone or via our Security Centre e-mail.
  • We will draw up an action plan within 24 hours of the first notification of a security incident. If necessary, we will be on location within 4 hours.
  • We appoint a single point of contact at tactical / operational and at strategic level. We will schedule quarterly client service meetings. At least once a year we evaluate the service.

Contact me about Qbit HQ

Martin Knol

Martin Knol

Hacking & Testing

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