Serious Game: Alcatraz.

We all know learning by playing works. Play Alcatraz with your colleagues and improve security awareness within your organisation.

What is the serious game Alcatraz?

Participants are challenged to show their true colors in a game situation on the prison island Alcatraz. Identify the success factors and points of attention regarding security awareness in your organisation, management, team or project group.

Qbit offers participants of the serious game Alcatraz the opportunity to show commitment and to distinguish themselves in the field of cybersecurity. Is your organisation a ‘human firewall’?

What are the effects of Alcatraz?

Alcatraz provides an insight into behavioural and practical working methods with regard to security and privacy issues. This serious game uses an innovative approach involving participants in cybersecurity. Results are:

  • Improved sense of responsibility and risk awareness among employees.
  • Improved understanding and commitment regarding cybersecurity.
  • The basics for a plan of improvement with solutions and measures (security awareness plan).

How does this serious game work?

  • In an individual or mixed team, participants work with statements on security and/or privacy.
  • Various security and/or privacy risks are addressed.
  • These security and/or privacy threats are related to actual risks present in your organisation and industry so that employees become aware of the desired situation.
  • Together with Qbit, the participants develop the ‘human firewall’.

Serious Game Alcatraz offers concrete tools for solutions and measures to increase and improve security awareness.

More about Serious Game Alcatraz

Wim Mandemakers

Wim Mandemakers

Managing Director

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