Security Assessment.

According to Qbit it is important to pay attention to the security of an infrastructure, application and/or device in every stage of the development lifecycle.

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Security matters

Qbit has built a strong reputation in the field of security assessments and penetration testing. In almost all situations the objective of assessments carried out by Qbit is to determine whether an internet-based service, application or device is sufficiently cybercrime- and/or hack-proof. Qbit carries out security assessments on behalf of organisations in industries like finance (fintech), government, healthcare, telecom and media, transport and logistics, consumer and retail, energy and utilities and technology.

Our approach

During a security assessment Qbit tries to access your systems like a hacker. Our ‘ethical hackers’ test for known and unknown vulnerabilities. A security assessment gives insight in the current security level of your IT-infrastructure, application and/or device. A security assessment also shows how much effort is needed to break into the system and what the consequences are.

Security Assessment modules

Qbit’s security assessments includes one or more of the following modules:

1. Design review

2. Infrastructure assessment

  • Reconnaissance (open source intelligence)
  • Remote host assessment
  • Local host assessment

3. Application assessment

  • Hands-on testing
  • Code review

4. Device assessment (IoT assessment)

Qbit assesses the level of security of your infrastructure, application and/or device and compares the results to other similar systems in your industry (benchmark).

Benefits of a Qbit security assessment

  • In depth and complete overview of the level of security.
  • Insight in the operating effectiveness of your security measures.
  • Clear and understandable reports.

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