Red Teaming.

Make your organisation and its security able to respond effectively in case of a cyberattack. As the most effective opponent of cybercrime, Qbit specialises in assessing security risks.

It’s all about resilience

Red Teaming is a method used to establish which security risks are relevant to an organisation and whether its cybersecurity is strong enough to recognise and counter them. Qbit makes your organisation more resilient by carrying out threat simulations and supporting cybersecurity.

To gain a complete insight into the effectiveness of your information security, you and Qbit’s specialists identify which attack scenarios are relevant to your organisation. They can also be identified using various technologies and methods developed by Qbit to establish the security level of security systems.

Our approach

Our specialists simulate targeted cyberattacks on your organisation to find out whether the security system recognises risks and is able to respond effectively to them.

Our experts use the following techniques and investigative methods to obtain information from outside about your business processes and security systems:

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), collects information and intelligence from public sources.
  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT), collects information and intelligence through interpersonal contact.
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), explores technical ways of gaining long-term, unnoticed access to as much business information as possible to prepare for a cyberattack (Threat Intelligence).

Qbit accurately identifies possible areas for improvement in the infrastructure, internal processes and the behaviour of employees. We give concrete advice to effectively improve information security.

Benefits of Red Teaming:

  • In depth and complete assessment of your cybersecurity resilience.
  • Insight in the operating effectiveness of your security measures.
  • Clear and understandable reports.

Contact me about Red Teaming

Wilfred Hanekamp

Wilfred Hanekamp

Director Sales

Let me tell you more. Email me or call me on +31 6 54 712 968.

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