Privacy Impact Assessment.

The GDPR shows that Europe takes the privacy of its inhabitants seriously. Show you do too by implementing a Privacy Impact Assessment.

Show that you are reliable with personal data.

In the GDPR organisations are obliged to include protection of personal data in the process for new personal registrations (privacy by design).

The implementation of a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a self-evident measure in the construction of data systems and the creation of data files. The NOREA has developed a model PIA, but a number of models have also been developed that are more focused on the industry.

Benefits of a Privacy Impact Assessment

  • Insights into your business processes and the associated privacy risks
  • Trust from customers
  • Higher privacy awareness of your employees

Want to know if it is necessary to carry out a PIA? Qbit offers the Pre-PIA. A simple questionnaire that you can fill in yourself, which answers this question.

More information about PIA

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