Reconnaissance (Open Source Intelligence).

Collect information and intelligence through public sources.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

The objective reconnaissance is to obtain a complete and correct overview of the (relevant) network infrastructure (as seen from the Internet). Qbit has two different approaches to achieve this objective: without prior knowledge (zero-knowledge) and with prior knowledge. Qbit in this module can, in consultation with you, possibly use ‘Open Source Intelligence’ (OSINT). OSINT is the collection of information and intelligence through public sources. This information can be used in other modules to break the security of the client or the network infrastructure, the application and/or the device.

Our approach

Hands-on research is done using publicly available (mostly open-source based) tools and search-engines like Google (our best friend). The tools used in module I-1a are the same tools hackers use when exploring a site or organisation. Unless explicitly agreed upon, reconnaissance does not involve social engineering.

Findings resulting from reconnaissance form the basis of a formal report. Directly after finishing reconnaissance, you are is contacted. You then decide which of the detected networks/hosts are to be assessed in further modules. For several reasons you may decide to skip the zero-knowledge exploration phase and have the assessment targeted directly at security risks related to specific systems in the network infrastructure.

Benefits of reconnaissance by Qbit:

  • Insight in the effort it takes to localise and profile your organisation/assets.
  • Overview of your attack surface and weakest points of entry.
  • Practical recommendation to hide information for cyber criminals.

Contact about Reconnaissance

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Wilfred Hanekamp

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