Training Cybersecurity

Our future is set to become increasingly online. This presents many advantages for all sectors, but there’s also a downside. The digital world also attracts crime. This underlines the importance of your colleagues being able to develop, test and manage secure systems. Qbit offers accredited training to make your colleagues and their software resilient to cybercrime.

Tailor-made training courses and workshops

As an authority in the field of information security, Qbit provides training courses and workshops that enable organisations to develop, test and manage effective systems. Our specialists have years of experience with cybersecurity and are happy to share their latest insights. Qbit adapts the practical training courses and workshops to the unique situation and needs of your organisation’s employees.

A training course or workshop given by our specialists is always:

  • Interactive and made up of innovative methods
  • Officially authorised
  • At a virtual or bricks and mortar location of your choice
  • Concluded with an exam

Qbit offers organisations the following options:

  • Workshop ‘hacking for dummies’ (half-day session)
  • Workshop ‘hands-on pen testing’ (one day)
  • ‘Secure programming’ course (two days)
  • ‘Secure development lifecycle’ course (three days)

Choose the training course or workshop that best suits your organisation or ask for more information.

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Erik Rutkens

Erik Rutkens

CEO and founder Qbit

Let me tell you more. Just email me or call me on +31 6 53 317 977.

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    The demand for cybersecurity worldwide is growing rapidly. We provide insights and help you to understand how we can solve problems as partners.

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