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Security incidents often occur during the design phase of a digital product or online service. Attention to security is indispensable in this phase. A Qbit design review ensures that the cybersecurity and privacy of your IT infrastructure or application is entirely as it should be.

A design review by Qbit security experts

The design phase is the ideal time to make sure that an application is protected by the right data security. After all, prevention is better than cure, and these days it’s also a legal obligation. Qbit integrates cybersecurity into the functional and technical requirements of IT products and gives you an insight into concrete, feasible and future-proof security measures.

To carry out a design review, Qbit tests the design of your product against various security criteria, such as isolation, secure defaults, separation of functions and diversity. Our specialists then translate the criteria into innovative security functions and measures that are a good fit for your product and the associated unique risks. Examples include two-factor authentication with a token, message authentication codes and code signing.

After the studies conducted by our ethical hackers and security specialists, Qbit issues a concise and concrete report with effective advice on points of improvement and possible security measures.

Security and privacy by design

It is a legal requirement to pay sufficient attention to security and privacy during the development of online or digital products. This means ensuring that the cybersecurity of software by design is as it should be. In a time of constant technological developments and changing regulations, this is easier said than done. A design review is therefore an important tool for putting information security and privacy by design in place. Qbit is the Netherlands’ most efficient opponent of cybercrime and specializes in assessing the security of infrastructure, web applications and apps.

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