Hacking & Testing: Quality and feasibility

At Qbit we’re different. Not because we want to, but because we think we have to. With our method we aim for quality and feasibility.

Products & Services

Hacking & Testing has two main (modular) services:

Red Teaming

Simulate a cyberattack


We love hacking. Why?

Because it helps us to turn evil into good. By doing so we increase the security level of the organisations we work for – and help them to protect their information.


Our way of working distinguishes itself from other, similar companies. Qbit examines the security of an infrastructure, application or device with as much knowledge as possible. In this way, we can provide the most complete picture of the inherent security level in a time boxed period. Another important argument for this approach is that we assume that an infrastructure, application or device is vulnerable. Worse, it’s probably already been hacked. This sounds paranoid and negative, but this suspicion is confirmed daily.

Our approach

Cyber security is not a one-off activity, it’s a continuous process. The context in which organisations operate and the risks change constantly. That’s why it’s important that you keep adapting and improving and not only take one-off measures. Our approach provides continuous insight in the level of cybersecurity and the weak spots. This way you stay on top of things. We tell you what to improve, why and how. Of course, we help you implement improvements. By doing so, we work on cybersecurity, today and tomorrow.

In practice, an infrastructure, application or device is often tested with or without limited knowledge (also called a black box approach). This approach keeps up appearances. Imagine, you test a web application without knowledge from the internet. When all kinds of infrastructure measures do their work well, an attacker does not find anything. Unfortunately, the test says nothing about the security of the web application itself. When the infrastructure measures such as a firewall are not working or are vulnerable, it is important to know what the security level of the application is.

Qbit gives concrete advice and solutions. Our people work together and with you, for the best results.

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