GDPR Audit.

Show your customers or other parties that you have mastered your most important privacy risks. The Qbit GDPR audit demonstrates that you have taken relevant control measures to control the risks of your services.

What does a GDPR audit deliver?

Receiving questions from your customers or other parties to show that you have mastered your most important privacy risks? Qbit is happy to support you by conducting a GDPR audit under NOREA Directive 3000, so that you demonstrably comply with the standards from the Privacy Control Framework.

Qbit’s qualified IT auditors prepare an assurance report based on the results of the audit, in line with the internationally recognised assurance standard (ISAE 3000).

This report provides an assessment of whether the predefined privacy control objectives have been met. After a statement with a positive opinion without limitations, the processing of personal information can be certified as ‘Privacy Audit Proof’.

The design of a GDPR audit

Qbit’s qualified IT auditors (RE) first identify the control objectives of your organisation with regard to privacy in order to determine the final control framework for the audit. Using e.g. interviews, inspections and observations we determine whether the organisation has achieved the control objectives of the control framework.

Qbit uses the Privacy Control Framework of the Dutch Professional Order of IT auditors (NOREA) and if desired, other control frameworks.

Benefits of a GDPR audit by Qbit:

  • Makes your GDPR compliance demonstrable for stakeholders
  • Offers the possibility of the ‘Privacy Audit Proof’ certification
  • Independent and professional assessment by Qbit’s’ qualified IT auditors (REs)

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Wim Mandemakers

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