E-learning cyber security.

Keep you and your colleagues up-to-date with the latest developments in information security. Get tools to deal with the security risks in ‘every day life’.

Structural security awareness at every level

Cybersecurity risks are constantly changing, and we need to be aware of them in order to stay secure. We strive to reveal existing information security risks and bring about permanent behavioural change.

Previous results have shown that this leads to better protected business information.

Our approach

Our e-learning program ensures that employees gain more knowledge about risks and know how to act. It makes e-learning ‘fun’ and attractive. In addition, our modules are composed by experts in each field of security. Modules include onboarding, phishing, privacy (GDPR) for different sectors, recognising and reporting incidents, risks of mobile devices, cybercrime, use of social media, secure file transfer and password management. Our e-learning is available online, on premise (custom) and as SCORM package.

Qbit’s e-learning consists of:

  • Unique scenarios, applied to the actual work situations
  • Innovative and attractively designed modules at every level
  • Short and effective activities at the time and place of your choice
  • Structural development
  • Benchmarking


  • Greater risk awareness among employees
  • Knowledge of the latest vulnerabilities and risks
  • A positive association with security through attractive e-learning

Introductory programme in various modules

Our case-based e-learning features various content modules on subjects such as phishing and the compulsory reporting of data breaches.

  • Onboarding programme: Qbit offers an onboarding programme for beginners or new colleagues at your organisation. This way, everyone has the basic knowledge they need and is aware of the most important and fundamental aspects of cybersecurity.

  • Phishing module: with this module we provide the knowledge and skills needed to recognise and repel phishing and ransomware attacks.

  • Basic privacy module: the privacy module informs you of what you need to know about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the obligation to report data breaches. This basic Qbit programme teaches your colleagues about how privacy legislation affects them. We also provide employees with the tools they need to correctly handle personal data.

More about e-learning

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Wilfred Hanekamp

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