Qbit’s DNA.

Insite Security and ITsec have been working together closely for over two years. That convinced us we’re stronger together. We’ve decided to continue under one single brand: Qbit.

We are to you what the modern Q is to James Bond: the cool and nerdy partner who guides you to put the best possible security in place.

Qbit gives you creative insights and offers you innovative solutions that always work when it matters most. The merger between Insite Security and ITsec allows us to combine the best of both worlds.

A bit is the basic unit of information and has only one of two values: 0 or 1. In traditional computers, memory consists of bits. Easy enough to remember: a bit also means ‘a small amount’.

High-tech and efficient

A qbit or quantum bit is the same as a bit, but many times faster and more intelligent. A qbit can be in two states at the same time. A bit 2.0, you could say. This is because the qbit forms part of the quantum computer, a computer in which the processor uses principles of quantum mechanics. This type of processor can perform multiple identical calculations over a huge amount of data all at once. That makes it much faster than a traditional computer with a classical system.

Qbit’s approach.

We’re proud of our pragmatic, innovative and, on occasions, slightly nerdy approach.

Qbit protects your assets against cybercrime and other threats, in whatever shape or form. Our experts help you to manage your security, raise security awareness of your people or assess the security of your infrastructure, devices and apps.

We’re only satisfied with the best possible result. Qbit creates perfect harmony between people and technology. With state-of-the-art systems, a clear view and focus on your organisation and assets. Qbit makes sure that you can simply get on with doing what you do best without any worries.

Security starts with awareness.

Security is about people.

Qbit trains and changes the attitude and behaviour of you and your colleagues to create a secure environment. We make sure that your knowledge is and remains up-to-date. We keep you informed about the latest trends developments and raise awareness. That is where information security begins.

Continuous protection.

Information security is an ongoing process. Something you constantly work on.

Anticipating the constantly evolving technology is just as important as keeping the security awareness of your employees up-to-date. A clear and agile strategy makes security dynamic and resilient. Qbit uses standard frameworks such as ISO 27001, NEN 7510 (Dutch Healthcare), NIST cybersecurity and/or Cobit to determine your organisation’s security maturity level. Useful models to make security understandable and bring it to a higher level.

We provide you with continuous insight into the security maturity level of your organisation, possible vulnerabilities and their causes, opportunities for improvement. Qbit also automates and standardises your cybersecurity. This way, you are in control over your security, both now and in the future.

Wonder if your data is protected? Feel free to contact us about your safety issues. We’re happy to help.

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