Qbit Security Centre

Get to know our ‘Security Centre’ team and the tasks that keep them busy on a daily bases.

Posted on October 2, 2018 in Blog.

Qbit Security Centre

The Qbit ‘Security Centre’ team consists of a group of security specialists that are protecting the infrastructures and publicly facing platforms of our customers every day of the week. They work from the locations in Haarlem and Groningen and are reachable via email and telephone during business hours.

The ‘Security Centre’ provides several services. A small selection of our services:

Security Monitoring

The security centre monitors the local infrastructure and publicly facing platforms of our customers using the security monitor. We install a local sensor in the network to continuously scan the local infrastructure. If (or rather when) one of these monitors detect any form of cyber threat, our team will receive a warning. The team will then offer advice and solutions to resolve this threat as soon as possible.

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Incident Response

Experiencing any form of Malware? Or have you been hacked? Or maybe a data security breach? Our team will get to the bottom of this. Our team will not rest until we found the cause of these problems.

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The Qbit Security Centre team verifies ‘vulnerabilities’ that are found by other Ethical hackers from all over the world. Ethical hackers can report their findings on so called ’bug bounty’ platforms. The ‘Security Centre’ team makes sure that these findings are reproducible and legit, so that our customers can easily fix these reported vulnerabilities.


If customers want to know whether their employees are vulnerable for phishing attempts, our ‘Security Centre’ team will setup a so called ‘phishing campaign’. Our team will send fake phishing mails to an organisation and monitors which and how many users have clicked on these fake emails. This way, our clients will get a insight of how many percent of their employees are vulnerable to phishing attempts and know whether any sort of training programs may be beneficial for their employees.

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Here at the Security centre, our aim is to protect the companies of our customers in the best possible way. To protect the customers critical assets from cybercrime and even internal malicious activity.

Written by Qbit’ter Jasper Nota.

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