Qbit goes Asia

Qbit colleagues Mathijs Hummel and Wouter Wessels have spent a week in Asia to speak about cybercrime developments, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the importance of security testing.

Posted on March 21, 2019 in Blog.

Mathijs and Wouter traveled to Taiwain, Hongkong and China, from February 24th until March 2nd, to present at cyber security seminars organized by Eurofins. The seminars took place in Taipei (Feb 26th), Shenzhen (Feb 27th) and Beijing (March 1st). Cyber security developments were addressed and presented to experts and participants from a broad spectrum of organizations and industries. GDPR was the key subject of the seminars, as well as the increasing importance of seriously addressing cyber security. Anyone with an interest or responsibility in this area was warmly welcomed at the seminar locations.

GDPR and privacy legislation

GDPR brings big changes in legislation, not only within Europe, but especially outside of Europe. When organizations do not safeguard EU-citizens’ personal information adequately, they can be presented with fines and penalties, financial loss and loss of reputation. At the same time, a proactive approach to privacy protection opens up opportunities to organizations aiming to enter or increase their activities on the European market. The seminars started with a closer look at the changing cyberlandscape, by examples of evolving ransomware and increase in social engineering as lucrative forms of cybercrime. The increase of digitization and smart devices comes paired with a greater dependence and exposure to inherent and hidden risks and forms of crime.

Qbit goes Asia

Mathijs is a privacy expert at Qbit and led participants through the changes in European data protection legislation and its impact on Europe and the rest of the world. During the seminars, Mathijs explained the right and obligations under GDPR, as well as how these manifest in daily practice. Firstly the why and how of European data protection was explained, after which underlying privacy principles were addressed in conjunction with the different EU-subjects’ rights. Participants were then taken through different obligations and how these could affect them directly or indirectly, as well as tackling these obligations and converting them into business opportunities. Mathijs made clear the importance of an integral approach: adequate privacy protection depends on the balance between organizational, technical and human factors.

Security testing

Wouter is a security engineer at Qbit and spoke about performing security testing for devices, applications and infrastructures to discover vulnerabilities and thereby enabling to make them more secure and resilient. Wouter understated how essential it is for organizations to discover technical risks and vulnerabilities at an early stage, to prevent or minimize the impact or damage for organizations or individuals when weaknesses are exploited. Wouter then went on to show the importance of testing smart and connected devices and incorporating security and privacy requirements in the development stages. He did so by giving examples of testing, weaknesses and the methods used as well as the impact when vulnerabilities are exploited.

Qbit as public speaker

Mathijs helps organizations discover the many possibilities when dealing with privacy, security and the GDPR. He made it his own personal mission to make issues regarding privacy and security more understandable and accessible.

Wouter helps to change organizations’ and developer’s mindsets and increasing their awareness relating to technical issues around them, by sharing his knowledge and experience in his field.

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