Qbit Cyber Security Escaperoom on Grote Markt in Groningen

Many of the devices that we use in everyday life are anything but safe. Cyber criminals can easily get access to, for example, the cameras of smart devices. Sounds creapy, isn’t it? Do you want to know how hackers work and which smart tricks and methods they use? Come to the Grote Markt in Groningen this weekend, where you can experience how easy it is to hack - and to be hacked - in our Qbit Escape Room.

Posted on January 17, 2020 in Events.

Ethical hacking

The purpose of the escape room is to raise awareness about cyber security. As a visitor you are challenged to take on the role of an ethical hacker. Via a video you will be instructed to prevent secret state documents from falling into the wrong hands. On the basis of various assignments you as an ethical hacker must try to break into a computer in order to prevent a disaster.

Qbit hack game

Unfortunately, the idea that hacking is only reserved for very smart IT specialists is outdated. As soon as you don’t secure your phone, computer or network, almost everyone can break in with a few simple steps.

The Qbit Escaperoom

Our game, which you can play now in a specially equipped Qbit container on the Grote Markt, proves that everyone can hack. The fact that everyone can hack makes cyber security more topical than ever. Everyone should be aware of the dangers and risks. And that is exactly what we aim for with our escape room. This weekend we focus on the visitors of Eurosonic Noorderslag. Beyond that, off course we at Qbit aim to raise the awareness of all Dutch people, day in, day out.

Qbit Escaperoom container

Enthusiastic about our Qbit Escaperoom? Do you want to make your colleagues, employees or (fellow) students aware of the importance of digital security? Good news: after ESNS, the Qbit container containing the game set-up is available for companies, government institutions, schools, in other words: for everyone who wants to become more aware of the risks and dangers of cyber crime. Contact us to hear more about the possibilities.

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