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Eurofins Digital Testing versterkt zijn cybersecurity portfolio met de overname van Insite Groep in Nederland

Insite Groep is overgenomen door Eurofins Digital Testing om zijn portfolio van cyberbeveiligingsdiensten aan bedrijven over de hele wereld te versterken.

Jun 20, 18 / Press releases.

BNR Nieuws: Keurmerk voor niet-hackbare apparaten

Jörgen Raymann nodigde Erik Rutkens uit in de studio van BNR en ging in gesprek met nog twee andere experts.

Jun 8, 18 / Blog.

AVG: Wat je vooral wél moet blijven doen

Wat is er veranderd sinds 25 mei 2018? Mathijs Hummel maakt de balans op.

Jun 7, 18 / Blog.

De IT-auditor: never a dull moment

De audit wordt uitgevoerd door gekwalificeerde auditors (RE) zoals Carline Hollemans. Voor haar als IT-auditor geldt: never a dull moment.

Jun 7, 18 / Blog.

Yoda: Pilot intervention for young cybercriminals

The Northern Netherlands Public Prosecution Service has launched an initiative for an alternative intervention aimed at the prevention of recidivism in young cybercriminals.

Feb 26, 18 / Blog.

Spectre/Meltdown Security Update

We give hands on advise to prevent your organisation from becoming a victim.

Jan 5, 18 / Blog.

KRACK Security update

KRACK is an attack on the WPA2 protocol. This update informs you about KRACK and the security risks.

Oct 20, 17 / Blog.

Power grid vulnerable to solar panel breaches

The power supply in Europe is seriously compromised by a vulnerability in solar panels, as discovered by Willem Westerhof.

Aug 4, 17 / Press releases.

ITsec joins the Global CyberLympics

ITsec participates in the international hacking game Global CyberLympics 2017.

Jul 11, 17 / Blog.

Petya Security Alert Cyberattack ransomware

In the afternoon of June 27th, a new version of the Petya virus was discovered which spreads by means yet unknown.

Jun 28, 17 / Blog.

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