Awareness Workshop.

Refresh your organisation’s security awareness or bring important cybersecurity issues to your colleagues’ attention. Qbit interactively creates a more secure working environment. Identify risks and effectively train your colleagues with our Security Awareness Workshop.

Efficient and interactive

Qbit increases security awareness, by addressing knowledge, attitude and behaviour. We have access to the best specialists and are happy to come to you to provide on-site training.

Our approach

The aim of each workshop is to work together on risk awareness, a positive attitude to security and privacy and becoming acquainted with relevant subjects.

Together we personalise the workshops by including specific work situations. The workshops consist of short interactive sessions and other methods, such as video, real-time voting, a digital quiz and wordcloud.

Possible themes:

  • The value of information
  • Roles and responsibilities of employees
  • Privacy and the obligation to report data breaches
  • Secure use of passwords
  • Social engineering: information theft without technical “hacking”.
  • Phishing and Ransomware: How to deal with unknown websites, links, attachments etc.
  • Mobile devices: safe handling of smartphones and tablets
  • The new way of working, at home and on the go
  • Hacked: how to limit the damage?

More about Awareness Workshop

Wilfred Hanekamp

Wilfred Hanekamp

Director Sales

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