Let’s talk phishing.

Qbit makes your colleagues resilient to phishing emails and ransomware by periodically training them and keeping their knowledge up-to-date.

Recognise Phishing

Via e-mail, telephone and unsecured or fake websites, hackers get hold of logins and other data of inattentive users. Phishing is easy to recognise if you know what to look out for. Qbit ensures that organisations are in control and resilient to phishing.

The Qbit Phishing solution offers you and your colleagues:

  • The organisation’s vulnerability to phishing
  • Increased resilience to phishing and other forms of internet fraud
  • Measurable behavioural change
  • Tailor-made and realistic training scenarios 

How do we do it?

To establish the level of your employees, we begin with a number of phishing attempts within the organisation. We analyse these and present these in a report. Training improves recognition of phishing and so security awareness. We then determine the effectiveness of the efforts by identifying concrete behavioral changes.

Sander Ebbers

Sander Ebbers

Awareness & Training

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    The demand for cybersecurity worldwide is growing rapidly. We provide insights and help you to understand how we can solve problems as partners.

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