IT-audit training

Qbit trains your employees who perform IT audit tasks or want to learn more about IT auditing.

What does an IT-audit training provide?

An IT-audit training enables the participant to gain knowledge in a short time about important aspects of IT auditing. In addition, the participant develops skills that are required to perform an IT audit effectively.

Subjects of an IT-audit training

  • IT-audit terminology (such as design, existence and operation)
  • IT-auditor audit & advice skills
  • IT-audit standards frameworks such as CobiT, ISO and the differences between them

Setting up an IT-audit training

An IT-audit training takes place in a number of consecutive sessions. A broad introduction to IT-audit is central during the first day. In the second day we will deepen the relationship between IT-audit and risk management. On the third day, the training decides to practice IT-audits on specific aspects of information security.

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Wilfred Hanekamp

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