Assurance: We put you in control.

Qbit helps you to raise the level of security to demonstrably comply to the required standards, regulations and applicable laws. Using commonly accepted control frameworks and a standardized and internationally recognized approach.

Information security as it should be.

Every day, our specialists conduct a variety of audits to prove that the security of organizations complies to the required standards, regulations and applicable laws. Value drivers for you to let Qbit provide assurance are: we help you to improve processes, take the context and risk appetite of your organization into account and let you deliver evidence in an efficient and nerdy way. In other words, we put you in control.

Every audit Qbit conducts pays attention to people, processes and technology. You cannot have one without the other. Qbit has occupied an independent and leading position as a security audit authority for many years.


Qbit helps organizations with specific audits so that their data and that of their clients is demonstrably protected. Qbit’s customized assurance services:

DigiD Audit

Comply with the control framework.


Provide insight into the status of your information security with the Qbit Ensia audit.

GDPR Audit

Demonstrate that you have taken relevant measures to control the risks of your services.

ISAE3000 Audit

Managing your information security.

ISAE3402 Audit

Demonstrably comply to the standards that you and your customers consider important.

IT-audit Training

Train your employees who perform IT audit tasks or want to learn more from this field.

VIPP Audit

Comply with the control framework VIPP.

Continuous monitoring.

Qbit considers the context, risk appetite of and specific sector requirements for your organization. Our standardized and innovative approach is tailored for this to get the best result. Our auditors use internationally recognized (reporting) standards such as ISAE3000, ISAE3402, SOC 1, 2 and 3.

Our auditors work closely with our team of ethical hackers to assess the relevant technical infrastructure, devices and/or applications. Qbit aims to continuously help you to detect compliance and risk issues to security processes and controls. We take care that business processes continue as usual.

Our customised audits

Qbit helps (government) organizations which use DigiD to officer online services and hospitals and other healthcare providers with specific audits to prove that their data and that of their clients is protected. We can also give you assurance about your compliance to the GDPR and provide third party assurance.

Qbit’s assurance services:

  • DigiD
  • VIPP
  • GDPR
  • ISAE3402
  • ISAE3400
  • SOC1,2 en 3

Wonder whether your company meets the requirements of cyber security directives or want assurance about your organization’s level of security? We are here to help you.

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