Security Quickscan.

Qbit’s security quickscan gives insights in your organization’s technical and organizational security measures. The quickscan is also an ideal starting point to structurally increase the maturity level of security and continuously improvement.

For a clear view

Its fast turnaround makes this Qbit quickscan attractive for companies wanting a complete and clear overview of their cybersecurity.

The quickscan is also an ideal starting-point for raising information security to a higher level and continuously optimising it.

An information security screening

The quickscan analyses the quality of the technology, the security awareness among employees and the security management structure. In a clear final report, we give advise for improvement and provide recommendations on how to structurally improve your cybersecurity. Possible components of a quickscan:

Technology assessment

  • Design review (network and firewall).
  • Vulnerability scan (optional).
  • Infrastructure assessment (optional).
  • Application assessment (optional).

Security Awareness Assessment

  • Check the security awareness among employees.
  • Online survey.
  • Serious game Alcatraz (optional).
  • Social engineering, such ‘stray’ USB flash drives and phishing emails (optional).
  • Online surveys
  • Social engineering, such ‘stray’ USB flash drives and phishing emails.

Policy and organization assessment

  • Self-assessment questionnaire
  • Interviews with employees

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